At Beacon, we are committed to helping students with learning differences gain confidence, build skills, understand their personal profiles, and develop an enduring love of learning. Our strengths-based approach enables students who learn differently to pursue their interests at a high level while addressing areas of challenge in an empowering environment.

In traditional schools, students with learning differences, no matter how bright, often lose access to advanced coursework, enrichment opportunities, and the intellectual connection of an inquisitive peer group. At Beacon, however, we believe that these very elements are essential catalysts for growth. Because there are no overarching tracks at Beacon, we have the flexibility to craft an individualized program for each student that leverages strengths, engages passions, and targets goals. Our learning specialists work directly with students both in and out of the classroom, providing research-based instruction and coaching to foster skill development, metacognition, and accelerated academic growth. 



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