Beacon’s Lower School provides a unique environment for elementary students. Lower School students at Beacon are constantly cultivating their passions and developing their talents in an enriched academic setting. Our focus is on teaching each child through an individualized approach designed to meet each student’s unique needs and academic goals.

In order to allow for such differentiated instruction, class sizes are small, ranging from four to six students. Students are grouped into classes based on their ability as well as their age. Beacon’s philosophy is that small group settings and strong interpersonal relationships with teachers and peers help students develop their EQ as well as their IQ. 

Because Beacon implements a gifted education model, there are no curricular ceilings; all students are pushed to achieve up to their ability. The challenge level of each course can be modified to meet the needs of our most advanced scholars while still supporting students in areas of relative weakness. Beacon’s robust core curriculum integrates critical thinking skills, executive function skills, and positive habits of mind. The school’s research-based curriculum incorporates material from many high-caliber educational forums including: Mentoring Mathematical Minds (M3), Junior Great Books, Engineering is Elementary, and IIM Research Modules. 

All content areas are aligned with national standards without being limited by them. Our teachers are trained in designing and implementing curriculum to meet national and state standards as well as best practices in gifted education. At Beacon, teachers strive to find the perfect balance between exceeding content standards and cultivating the curiosity of precocious students.

Lower School scholars spend most of the day in their core classrooms with the same academic teachers and rotate through the school for arts and elective classes. Each day, the students attend an art class--visual arts, music, or drama--and either gym or recess. Students also participate in multiple enrichment electives each week to keep their minds actively engaged in the world. Current electives include zoology, robotics, bibliotherapy, architecture, photography, and more. If a student has a particular interest that is not aligned with an existing elective course, he or she has the opportunity to design a course to fit their desired criteria.

If you are searching for a school where your lower school child has the chance to grow and thrive as an individual and a scholar, Beacon is the place for you.


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