At Beacon, gifted and twice-exceptional students have the opportunity to experience genuine challenge, develop their talents, and achieve excellence on their own terms. By equally emphasizing acceleration, enrichment, and support, Beacon enables students to grow intellectually, follow their passions, and find inspiration in their educations. When gifted students encounter artificial ceilings and repetitive curriculum in school, the result is boredom, loss of interest, and underachievement. We know that when these barriers are removed, students can truly realize their potential.

Beacon’s gifted and twice-exceptional learners thrive in our individualized setting, where self-directed inquiry is encouraged and personal excellence is celebrated. Our Lower School students enjoy an enriched course of study that includes world language, classics, computer science, hands-on history, lab science, STEM electives, and the arts. Middle School students are introduced to high-level material so that they can build study skills, strengthen thinking skills, and master advanced content. In the Upper School, students have the opportunity to go beyond AP and tackle college-level courses in a variety of subjects. Their academic programs may also incorporate internships and other real-world learning experiences that give them the tools they need to be successful in life. In all grades, our goal is to hone cognitive skills, increase creative thinking, and inspire perseverance.

In addition to strengths-based gifted programming, twice-exceptional students at Beacon also have access to skills-based support and coaching to address areas of challenge. Common challenges for Beacon's 2e students include writing and executive functions—especially organizational and study skills. 

Because we understand that gifted achievement goes beyond academics, we also seek out and develop students with high ability in the visual and performing arts, technology, leadership, and invention. We offer a menu of enrichment and acceleration opportunities across the disciplines. When students have a hand in designing their own educations, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.


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