Important Announcement:

Greenwich Education Group Schools Announces Restructuring


Greenwich, CT – May 26, 2017 - Since 2003, Greenwich Education Group’s four NEASC accredited day schools have been providing students with specialized support programs needed to achieve academic success. Each student is met with personal attention, individualized instruction and every resource imaginable in order to help them reach their full academic potential.

GEG announces their decision to close the Stamford campus of the Beacon School in an effort to consolidate their academic programs, resources, and focus on the needs of their other school communities. GEG’s three accredited schools, The Pinnacle School, Spire School, and Links Academy, will continue to serve each of their student populations, with Links offering academic continuity to existing Beacon students.  Additional outplacement services have been offered pro bono by the Day & Boarding Advisory Services division at GEG.


Imagine a school designed for you.

A school where students have the freedom to follow their interests wherever they lead. Where curiosity fuels learning and teachers serve as guides. Where students are free to be themselves and no two courses of study are the same.

Learn to love learning again.

welcome to Beacon

The Beacon School is an individualized day school for intellectually curious students in grades 3-12. Centrally located in Stamford’s historic Hubbard Heights neighborhood, Beacon features an enriched educational model with small classes, a 4:1 student-teacher ratio, and an inspirational mission to help students “find their own light”. We understand and celebrate the differences that make each student extraordinary. We specialize in working with students who are inquisitive, creative, gifted, twice-exceptional, neurodiverse, highly sensitive, and/or fiercely independent. Learn more.

The Beacon Way

With endless opportunities to explore topics beyond the curriculum, engage in hands-on learning, and work creatively and collaboratively, Beacon can be a revelation for students who are disengaged or underchallenged in traditional classrooms. Our core curriculum is infused with creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. Our elective program enables students of all ages to choose from a host of offerings based on their unique and varied interests: from theater, robotics, poetry, and coding to scientific research, philosophy, 3D design, and much more. 

Why Enrichment?

Schoolwide Enrichment is a research-based approach to improving student achievement and increasing enjoyment, engagement, and enthusiasm for learning. Why is Beacon so effective at nurturing the innate "spark" of an inquisitive mind? The answer is simple: enrichment is our kindling. Enrichment is the chance to go beyond a narrow curriculum, to feed your passions and explore your multipotentiality. The research clearly demonstrates what our students know to be true: our enriched educational model works.

Current Highlights:


Beacon Hosts Schoolwide Enrichment Workshop

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) is an educational approach designed to improve academic achievement and student engagement in the learning process. This workshop was presented by Nicole Waicunas of the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Ed, and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut.